How to maximise your sports betting profits, tips and tricks

Sports betting, when it’s done right, would make lots of profit. Most people invest a lot of money in sports betting with the aim of reaping high profits from it. Since it is a risky venture, it is advisable to put in place guiding strategies that try as much as […]

Race Car Drivers with a Passion for Poker

Racing is fast paced with exciting action at each turn, which is why it is so similar to gambling. In both activities, participants have a lot riding on the outcome and, therefore, implement their best strategies to win. The adrenaline rush as a racecar driver anticipates the next move is […]

Ways to Buy That Sports Car of Your Dreams

For many individuals, owning a sports car will remain nothing more than a dream. This does not necessarily signify that such a vehicle is not out of the question if you discover a handful of innovative ways to earn money. What are some suggestions to keep in mind and how […]

Bonneville salt flats speed week

The Bonneville Salt Flats speed week is an annual event that brings together the fastest of fast machines. Ever since the salt flats in Utah were first used in 1912 for racing, Bonneville has been synonymous with speed. History If you’ve ever seen the salt flats, you’ll be forgiven for […]

The world’s fastest road legal cars

According to recent reports, the worlds fastest speeding ticket was taken at 242 mph in a 75 mph zone. So which car delivered this top speed? The top ten fastest road legal cars according to Autoexpress In 2014 listed the world’s fastest road legal cars. The run down of […]

Working on and Building Record-Breaking Cars

Building a record-breaking car from the ground up can be a great deal of fun. However, let us never forget that the process itself is time consuming and there are many skill sets required. For those who hope to engage in such a hobby, it is a good idea to […]

Extreme Motorsport Competitions

I guess any sport which involves an engine and speed, could be called an extreme sport. With that in mind, here are a few which may well rank as a bit more extreme than others. Land Speed Record: Do you fancy flashing through a measured mile at over 700 mph? […]