Race Car Drivers with a Passion for Poker

Racing is fast paced with exciting action at each turn, which is why it is so similar to gambling. In both activities, participants have a lot riding on the outcome and, therefore, implement their best strategies to win. The adrenaline rush as a racecar driver anticipates the next move is just like what happens when playing poker.

It is easy to see why poker has quickly turned into a favourite pastime for racecar drivers. Some of the biggest racers are avid poker players, and many have honed their skills online. Several casinos have gone as far as to sponsor drivers in tournaments. Here are examples of racecar drivers who double as poker players.

Michael Schumacher

Arguably one of the best in Formula 1’s history and a 7-time world champion, Schumacher is an excellent poker player. Most of his playing has been for charity, and over the years, he has become one of the leading poker pros in the racing world. He started playing poker in his free time when he wasn’t busy preparing for racing events.

Jamie Alguersuari

He is one of the beneficiaries of PartyPoker’s sponsorship. When Alguersuari debuted at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2009 for Toro Rosso, he held the record of the youngest Formula One driver at 19 years and 125 days. He plays poker competitively and for charity.

Giancarlo Fisichella

Another racing legend who loves poker is the Italian Fisichella who has driven for Renault, Minardi, Benetton, Force India, Jordan, Sauber and Ferrari. Fisichella was always a great poker player, which is how he got the attention of Party poker, becoming the first Formula One driver to sign with a poker team. As the brand ambassador, he promoted the game and is among the players who have made it a favourite in the racing circles.

A few other racecar drivers are known for their love of poker, including Nico Rosberg, Gorge Limon and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier. With the high-octane action of both activities, it is easy to see the appeal.